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Join Chainership, Chainsaw's new membership program, and receive perks like free food every night, no cover, line bypass, anytime karaoke, and more! Be a part of something meaningful. And this, too! ➡️➡️ Visit www.chainership.com ⬅️⬅️ for details. ...

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If only it were this simple to get ready for Monday #MondayMotivation #itiswhatitis ...

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🍺SUPER FUN CONTEST WITH... PRIZE (New rules: please read below)🍺

1. Liliana Campione - 2 Chainership Points
2. Will Gallacher - 1 Chainership Point
3. Natun Dasgupta - 1 Chainership Point
4. Ian Kyle Schell - 1 Chainership Point
5. Tigger McCullough - 1 Chainership Point
6. Phil Asta - 1 Chainership Point
7. Kylie Krystine - 1 Chainership Point

Can you spot 1 of the 3 differences in the images below?
You must only name ONE difference (or you will be disqualified from winning). The first 3 people to spot ONE difference will win a chance at a SPECIAL NEW PRIZE:
We’re giving away 1 Chainership membership each month ($95 value.)
With a Chainership membership, you’ll gain access to exciting perks like no cover, free food, and exclusive swag. Learn more at chainership.com/

How can you win? You’ll earn 1 point for every contest you win (there’s this one, Instagram trivia, and other surprise contests). The person with the most points at the end of October will win a Chainership Blue Ribbon Membership. So keep playing!

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Plus $5.75 Jager bombs and half price baskets of fries, sweet potato fries, poutine, and onion rings. Fresh from our freezer and into your mouth! ...