Founded in 2009, Chainsaw is a hot spot in Uptown Waterloo. As the well known karaoke bar in Waterloo, many aspiring singers come through our doors to practice their singing skills on a regular basis! Beyond this, we hold a variety of special events such as live music and entertainment, small business and team events, and community fundraisers. Chainsaw always has something on the go, be sure to come check it out!

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Join Chainership, Chainsaw's new membership program, and receive perks like free food every night, no cover, line bypass, anytime karaoke, and more! Be a part of something meaningful. And this, too! ➡️➡️ Visit ⬅️⬅️ for details. ...

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If only it were this simple to get ready for Monday #MondayMotivation #itiswhatitis ...

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🍺SUPER FUN CONTEST WITH... PRIZE (New rules: please read below)🍺

1. Liliana Campione - 2 Chainership Points
2. Will Gallacher - 1 Chainership Point
3. Natun Dasgupta - 1 Chainership Point
4. Ian Kyle Schell - 1 Chainership Point
5. Tigger McCullough - 1 Chainership Point
6. Phil Asta - 1 Chainership Point
7. Kylie Krystine - 1 Chainership Point

Can you spot 1 of the 3 differences in the images below?
You must only name ONE difference (or you will be disqualified from winning). The first 3 people to spot ONE difference will win a chance at a SPECIAL NEW PRIZE:
We’re giving away 1 Chainership membership each month ($95 value.)
With a Chainership membership, you’ll gain access to exciting perks like no cover, free food, and exclusive swag. Learn more at

How can you win? You’ll earn 1 point for every contest you win (there’s this one, Instagram trivia, and other surprise contests). The person with the most points at the end of October will win a Chainership Blue Ribbon Membership. So keep playing!

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Plus $5.75 Jager bombs and half price baskets of fries, sweet potato fries, poutine, and onion rings. Fresh from our freezer and into your mouth! ...